Monday, November 23, 2015

Fruits and a Fire

These beautiful berries, service berries, if my neighbor is correct, hang on a beautiful little tree in my back yard.  The color is so vibrant, I just love them.  Oddly, the birds don't seem to favor them (although Baloo partakes).  Maybe they're waiting until January for a little frozen berry dessert and a dose of vitamin C.

The crab apple tree just a little way off the path of one of Baloo's favorite walks has no leaves, but Baloo loves to take me off the beaten path to stop and have me pick an apple or two for him to munch along the trail.  

Baloo points out all the apple trees for me.  He loves fruit.  He also points out the cherry trees, the berry bushes, the peach and plum trees and, well, you get the idea.  He also eats acorns.  

And sometimes, we go to my sister's house and snuggle in front of the fire after a brisk autumn walk.  Life doesn't get a lot better.  


Anonymous said...

Those berries in the top photo look like highbush cranberries. They are edible, but can be very, very bitter. Even birds will shun them until late in winter when other (better) food is hard to come by. The service berries I've seen are much darker, and the leaves have a different shape.


Webfoot said...

Thank you for that information - I wasn't sure what they were. Baloo eats them, but he likes just about everything -- except radicchio. That's a little too bitter even for him. :)