Monday, November 9, 2015

More Autumnal Adventures

As promised, here are a few more of the (many) pictures I have taken of the fall colors.  These come from several of Baloo's (and my) favorite walking areas.  Sometimes we walk through the woods, all golden with the falling maple and poplar leaves, and feel like we're in a Robert Frost poem looking for diverging roads.  Also, I just loved the way the sun came out and turned the trees on the other side of the bay into an awesome blaze of glory.  It's important to enjoy this time of year, because the world here will be gray and white soon and colorful memories will have to keep us until the green of springtime.  

Of course, we have to snuggle a bit when we get home - Baloo has adopted my sister's old couch as his favorite napping spot.  First he claimed it at her house and now it has been moved to mine, so he can enjoy it all the time.  Not a spoiled puppy at all.


Okie Dog said...

Great pictures! Love your doggy.....OD

Cecilia Dessert said...

Awesome orange.

Sionned said...

No, Baloo is not spoiled at all! >grin<