Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Flocks of Phlox

First, I want to thank everyone who came out and played in the Easter egg hunt at Stampeaz this past Sunday. It was fun to try and keep ahead of all of you and scramble the eggs. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Wild phlox are blooming in my yard. I like to encourage the wildflowers, so I carefully mow around them. My neighbors all think I'm crazy. Okay, maybe they don't just *think* that.

The white throated sparrows usually take flight by the time the first really warm weather begins, but this year they've stuck around in spite of unusually high Spring temperatures. I loved the image of this little rascal in the dewy grass.

And the dogwoods were just so beautiful this year, I had to share another picture before they're completely gone for the year. We're expecting frost for the next couple nights, so the few flowers that stuck through the early heat wave will be gone when the cold snap passes.

In other news, the next test run of carving material is officially scheduled for the end of the month and I am very excited to say that my beta tester, Electric, thinks it's very, very close to PZ Kut, so even though it's still going to be white instead of emerald green, it's going land us in the merry old land of OZ Kut. It's been a long, long journey back, complete with flying monkeys and wicked witches (well, maybe it just felt that way at times - LOL!). The journey has also been filled with kind helpers and absolute wizards, so the road really has been golden, if somewhat rough and uneven. It looks like good things are coming soon. Now, where did I leave my ruby slippers....?

When I get the sample carvings from Electric, I will post them here, as I did last time (with his permission, of course). I would post my sample carving, but it would be a spoiler, since I'm currently using my test as an invoice image! :)

Also, thank you to those who tagged the Stampeaz Facebook page with a "Like". I appreciate your support! I'll have to think of a good way to throw a little party over there! Hee hee!


frankie and benjy said...

I love the wildflowers in my garden, too. I've always refused to poison my yard for the sake of a golf-course-like lawn - I'd rather have the wild pansies, naturalized grape hyacinth and all the other little flowers that grow there. Everyone I know thinks I'm nuts because I *like* dandelions! They're such a cheerful yellow and they bloom even when it's too cold or hot for anything else. So mow around your phlox proudly! :-D

Bubbaloo Magoo said...

I see I'm in good company - even my wife thinks I'm nuts when I leave patches in the lawn, cuz "stuff" is there - "but there's wild strawberries growing there" or "I don't know what flower that is but I like it!" I'm so glad I'm not alone. I like dandelions too - especially since I learned you can make a coffee from the roots - I was skeptical until I tried it - it actually really really good! Tastes like coffee flavored with molasses. Alot of work, though, getting enough roots, but worth it... ;)

Mama Cache said...

Excited about the HoorayKut! Nicely done, my friend!

Webfoot said...

I'm glad to hear that there are like minded souls out there who go out of their way to give the wildflowers a place to grow. I can tell that the Dutchman's britches will soon be flowering in my yard, too. They're so cheerful. :)

Kari said...

Gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing. :)
--Sweet Chickadee