Sunday, April 8, 2012

Cluck Old Hen

There's an old fiddle tune called "Cluck Old Hen" that's popular among old time fiddle players in my area. I'm not sure how old my hens are (I've now spotted two different ones roaming the woods out my back window), but they do cluck softly to themselves as they look for snacks.

Yesterday, one of them had the three Jakes in hot pursuit. She was far more interested in finding bugs and seeds and things to eat than in holding court for her admirers, though. That might be part of the reason it's so difficult to get a good picture of the girls. They just don't hold still long enough. I finally got one that wasn't totally blurred by her pecking around or moving along her merry way. The boys, on the other hand, have been taking the time now and then to pose rather grandly as they swagger through the woods. After all, they have to make a good impression on the ladies.

Speaking of good impressions, the deer have been grooming to look their Spring best - and to get rid of the rest of their warm Winter coats. They are *very* curious about the turkeys. One of last year's fawns was following one of the boys around and trying to get a good sniff of the strange newcomer to the woods. And as a result, I was able to snap this next little juxtaposition, which made me laugh.

So, the hens are wandering around amidst the dogwoods, phlox and other early bloomers this year trying to decide where they want to nest and lay their precious eggs.

If you look carefully, you might find an egg hidden somewhere at, too. HappPZEaster! Oh - and Im' guessing that the Easter Hen may lay more than one and that she may not hide them all in the same place. They're tricky that way, those clucking old hens! :)

One more thing I almost forgot to mention! Stampeaz now has a Facebook page! I am not sure yet exactly how it might be used, but I expect I will come up with something! LOL!


Anonymous said...

So what do I do if I find an Easter egg?

Webfoot said...

If you find an Easter Egg, you can buy it, if you want. :) There aren't very many of the Easter Egg product available, since it's gone out of production. So, I'm having fun playing games occasionally with the last few sheets and allowing people to either solve clues or hunt for them, depending on the day.

Lisa said...

Dang, clicked the image instead of the right button and lost it. Fun hunt, though. Much better than crashing elbows with the mean kids at the town easter egg hunt. :-D

Lisa said...

Whee! I found another one!!