Thursday, December 10, 2015

Chillier Weather

Freezing rain coated these apples.  They look so glossy and maybe just a little sinister with the dripping ice.  They're not poisoned, though.  Baloo thinks they taste just fine. 

Ice pellets falling from the sky aren't our favorite, but we walk in all kinds of weather!

This handsome fellow was a bright spot of color on a grayish day.  

These snow dusted trees are in my back yard.  There's something magical about evergreens covered in snow.


TrailTroll said...

Your pictures are gorgeous. I want to put Mr. cardinal on the snow-covered evergreens and use that as my Christmas card. Lovely!

Webfoot said...

Thank you, TrailTroll! Baloo and I have a good time wandering around looking for beauty in the small things. And sometimes the big ones. It's nice to know others enjoy excursions with us. :)