Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Flowers that Bloom in the Spring - Tra La!

The spring ephemerals are some of my favorite wildflowers - and they're one of the many reasons I enjoy wandering around the woods in early May.  They don't last long (hence ephemeral) and are delightfully brave splashes of brilliance rising from the dull brown leaf duff that's been beaten down and leached of color by winter snows.  They are a promise of warmer weather when nights can still be frosty and days can sometimes still bring snow.  So, hum along with me as I indulge in a small celebration of the flowers that bloom in the spring - tra la!

Jack-in-the-Pulpit captured my imagination as a child and still has the power to make me smile every time it blooms.

The bellwort is shy and tries to hide its beauty by nodding under its leaves.  

If you were reading my blog last year, you know I love wild phlox - I still carefully mow or trim around each plant blooming in my yard.  After all, if a beautiful wildflower wants to grow there, I'm going to encourage it any way I can! 

The trillium was one of the first wildflowers I remember learning to identify as a child - they're easy to spot and very distinctive.  There are several varieties of trillium, but only this one was blooming in the forest while I was wandering this year. 

The trout lily ushers in spring fishing, since it begins to bloom just about as trout season starts on the river. 

If you look sharp, the tiny dwarf ginseng might catch your eye.  I love the lacy flowers that look like early fireworks for the wee folk.

There are, of course, many other spring ephemeral flowers, and they may be the subject of another post in the future, since I'm always admiring and snapping photos of the little beauties, but this is probably enough for one day.  :) 


Anonymous said...

Great Pictures! I love the early spring flowers, too--my favorite is Bloodroot.

Webfoot said...

I like bloodroot, too - and wild ginger. :)