Tuesday, May 21, 2013


The first day on the family property, this little fellow was saved from courting death and parked on a nearby tree.  My sister nearly lost sight of him before she got the photos taken, because he blended in so well after being placed out of harm's way.  

You can see why she almost lost the rascal, can't you?  First of all, it's a tiny frog, just about the size of the pad of my thumb and second, it knows the value of great camouflage clothing when hiding or hunting!    Mossy oak breakup has nothing on this outfit!! 

I loved this photo, too.  My sister caught the perfect Gollum pose!   :)


Anonymous said...

That's AMAZING camo!! Mother Nature at her best!
Wise Wanderer

Bubbaloo Magoo said...

That's a "Tree Toad", though they really are frogs. The funny thing is, if you were able to flip him/her over, you'd see a bright yellow stripe on each leg. They are remarkable creatures - glad you discovered one, Webby! ;)