Monday, April 15, 2013

Thanks from Charley - and Me...

Charley and I want to thank everyone who helped clear more space for him in the Stampeaz stock room by snapping up bunches of Grade B OZ Kut!  He's a smiling dog!  

There are thunderstorms again today and he has more space to stretch out in his chosen 'safe room'.  I thought it was interesting that he instinctively gravitated to the only room in the house (aside from closets) that didn't have any windows.  Smart boy!  He's all set for thunderstorms or even tornadoes. 

We also went to two Second Chance adoption events this weekend and met lots of wonderful dogs and people.  Two applications were filled out for Charley, so I am guessing that he won't be hanging around in the stock room during thunderstorms for too much longer. After all, who could resist his sweet face - especially when it comes with hugs and perfect manners??  I'm just glad I had the chance to help keep him alive and set him on his way better things.  He's been a treat to have around.  :)

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Lady Slpa said...

So glad that Charley may have found a home! It is so wonderful that you are fostering him. I really enjoyed the foster animals that I have had. It's such a wonderful feeling when they find their fur-ever homes. :)