Monday, February 4, 2013

Mismatched Bookends

  What has been keeping me busy recently?  

Allow me to introduce you to Max and Simone.  They are currently staying at my house as foster dogs while Second Chance and I figure out what the next steps are.  

They had been neglected for some time, due to their person declining in health and capacity.  Max and Simone had nowhere to stay and nobody to care for them when the temperatures were dipping into single digits, so I have new friends - at least for now.    

Max is about 21 months old and a real sweetheart.  Now that he has gotten accustomed to his new routines, he is beginning to show what a lovely, alert and eager little information sponge he is.  I am told he is a purebred white German shepherd and that his dad bit his right ear when he was a puppy, so that's why one ear is floppy.  I think it gives him a charmingly curious expression.  

He can also be a bit of a goofball and is learning how to play ball and fetch - at least a little.  It doesn't seem like either one of them has had much experience playing, but they do love to walk,and we're all learning how to manage together with leashes.  We're logging miles and miles every day! 

Simone is a Black Labrador Retriever - Shar Pei mix and about three years old.  It's hard to get a good picture of her so that you can see her wrinkles, but you can definitely see the Shar Pei snout characteristics.  She's turned into an absolute lover, now that she's feeling confident that she's safe and there will be another meal in her future - she loves her snacks. 

Simone can be a goofball, too, and her funny, earnest little face just cracks me up.  

They also love to cuddle.  They love being allowed (by invitation only) to climb up on the futon with me and make a puppy pile - including me as one of the puppies.  I wish there had been someone around to take a picture when they were spooned together lengthwise  along the seat, with both of their heads in my lap.  It was way too cute -  not to mention, nice and warm on a chilly evening! 


tiggermama said...

beautiful puppies!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely doggies, and how nice of you to be caring for them!

Anonymous said...

Bless you Webfoot and Second Chance. Rescue dogs tend to make the best pets because they are so grateful for your affection and the comforts the missed before they found you.

Anonymous said...

you can call them salt and pepper!