Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Freeze Frame

While going about my appointed rounds, I spotted someone trying desperately to blend in with the scenery.  

 I could almost hear a tiny voice paraphrasing 'Wash' Washburn from Serenity, repeating over and over to itself, "I am a leaf on the ground - watch how I disappear."  Pretty good job, too, don't you think?   

I thought I might get one quick picture before the inevitable dive under the leaves -- if I was lucky.  But no, this little rascal absolutely froze in place, not even twitching a whisker.  So, I was able to take a few more pictures and actually zoom in for a better look. 

It's much easier to see, isn't it?  It looks like I simply took a section out of the first photo and blew it up, but I didn't.  It's just that the mouse is still frozen in place and that allowed me the luxury of adjusting my focus and taking the Cecil B. DeMille closeup.  :)     

Interestingly, Max and Simone (see Mismatched Bookends) showed not the slightest interest in little Whitefoot.  This is just as well, because pandemonium would have been the word of the day!!  LOL!   


Anonymous said...

Oh what a cutie!! Looks cold, maybe he really WAS frozen in place!!
Wise Wanderer

tiggermama said...

"you do nooooot see me!! you dooooo noooot seeeee me. you don't. nope. you dooooon't seeeeee meeeee. . ."

we walked by some turkies doing this, with our two vizslas once. one of them was completely oblivious, the other kept sniffing at the ground, trying to find the bird. Oy.

Anonymous said...