Monday, August 20, 2012

Balancing Act

My little turtle has learned a new trick!  She can balance a tiny watermelon seed on the end of her nose.  I don't know, do you think we are ready to run away and join the circus yet?  

Every morning she comes to see if I have anything wonderful to give her.  I actually think she may be watching my bedroom window to see if I'm awake yet, because she marches right up to the door, once she sees me peer out at the world.  She still loves her watermelon, although she branched out to eat some lettuce and a few blueberries over the last couple days. Watermelon remains her favorite -- by far.   

Many thanks to all who came and joined my birthday party.   I hope you enjoyed the celebration!  Interestingly enough, there was a piece of PZ Kut that sat around unclaimed for three days before someone finally snagged it --  and that was the day *after* I had planned to turn out the lights and sweep up the confetti!  So, I don't know exactly what that means.  It could mean that people are happy with OZ Kut and don't feel the need to scramble for the last few sheets of PZ, it could mean that everybody thought the celebration only went on for three days instead of seven, or it could mean that everyone's tired of my very foolish little games.  (Or maybe people just ate too much cake and fell asleep....)  In any event, it was fun to scramble the present around and have folks find it -- thanks for playing with me and thank you for the kind birthday wishes. 

Speaking of cake, everybody who ordered something last week has been checking under their labels, right?  I hid some cake under there!!  Really!  I did. Quispy cake...   :)


Anonymous said...

I love your turtle! Is this a pet or are you blessed with a wild turtle that comes around? -Rose

Anonymous said...

Love your turtle stories too! As for the piece of PZ that sat around, the answer is "none of the above" - I checked as regularly as I could, up until last night . . . I just never found the present!! Maybe next year ;-) Hope you had a great birthday week!
Wise Wanderer

Marmalade said...

...or maybe we feel like we shouldn't be greedy as we find the very special gifts you hide for us. I know that's the ONLY reason I'm not looking every single day. If you don't mind repeat customers finding your secret stash, I'll be looking more often.

Thank you for the PZKut and a piece of birthday cake.

PS - I don't know if your turtle friend will have much success "RUNNING" away to the circus, but she sure is cute.

Webfoot said...

Rose, she's a wild Three-toed Box Turtle that comes to visit every morning. There are at least six different ones that come to visit regularly, but she's there every morning wanting her treats. This morning she had watermelon and blueberries. Then she marched off to burrow in under the brush pile for the day. :)

I'm glad to hear that the hunts aren't getting tedious! I need to think about something else fun...

And Marmalade, I'm always amazed at how quickly the turtles can disappear when they want to. Those little short legs can boogie when they want to go find a place to hide out (and I could take a lesson from them in camo boxes!). ;-)

Anonymous said...

Rose is so cute!

I'll never tire of scrambling for the last few sheets of PZ. Neither will I tire of your fun(not foolish)little games. As
Marmalade said...I too feel greedy always trying to find and claim the special gifts you hide for us and wonder if you mind repeat finders. Do you? Because I love playing the game, and I still love PZ.

Thanks once again.