Thursday, February 26, 2009

An Overdue Chicken Update...

This is one very lucky chicken! She's had a full year of living the high life down on the river, contributing the occasional egg, keeping everyone company, and providing some laughter along the way.

The chicken's usual domain is the downstairs area -- kitchen and dining areas (very washable carpet and wood floors that are easy to clean when necessary...). She had never tried to navigate the stairs to the bedrooms and living room, but she had once found her way to the laundry room and pantry area behind the kitchen at the bottom of the stairs.

Well, recently she had a bit of a scare. The people of the flock were upstairs when a shadow fell across the windows of her little safe haven and she got frightened enough (probably thinking the shadow portended death from above), to decide she wanted to be with the rest of her flock in the worst possible way!

Wait -- I have to pause in the story... Don't you just love the side-by-side anticipation in that picture?

I have to say I think the little spaniel is better at sharing than the chicken, but they have worked out a pecking order of sorts (the chicken pecks the dog, if she wants the pup out of the way).

Anyway, on with the story... The chicken actually flew up the stairs and into the living room, squawking and carrying on the whole way. When she got there, she dove behind the furniture and refused to come out! After quite a few attempts, my brother finally coaxed her out of hiding and carried her back downstairs, soothing her the whole way as she continued to make noises of distress.

She's not really in jail after her escapades -- it's just her little coop for the night. The dog probably appreciates the break and ability to have the snacks all to herself, though!!

Thanks to Graytreefrog for the recent photos to post with the story. :)


jackbear said...

Why is this chicken story so interesting.....who knows but I can't stop reading it!!! I love the chicken story updates. It's like a kid's book it!

1SG said...

As with many a term in our language today, the meaning of "Sharing" has become badly distorted.

Nice to see that you are practicing the true thing.

I will bite my keyboard and pass on all of the chicken jokes that come to mind.