Sunday, February 8, 2009


It's boggling my mind! reopened its doors three years ago today. What a wonderful journey it has been. Thank you all for making it so much fun for me -- I have had the opportunity to meet some of the nicest people on the planet, both online and in person. What could be better??

Of course, I am celebrating today -- if you need to order anything, it might be a good day to do it.... The usually random Stampeaz Surprize will be on all of today's invoices. :)

Happy anniversary to all of us!! I think I need to break out the hot cocoa!


GreyCrazy said...

I was just thinking this morning that PZ Kut is a HUGE part of why I enjoy carving so much. The orange is absolutely perfect for my style and it's all thanks to you! Congratulations on your anniversary, and thanks for all you do. :-)


Bobguyman46 said...

Congratulations, Webfoot =D

You do a great job! Thank you for doing all this for us... =D


Hendel D'bu said...

My dear Webfoot, you are AWESOME! I remember the excitement surrounding your purchase of least on my part! You have been most accommodating and I just love to tell folks about the wonderful carving material. I always point potential customers your way, my friend!

Keep up the great work - Mazel Tov!

~SHH :-)

Ryan said...

I am drooling over all those carving blocks in the photo! =)

-- Ryan

Trailtracker said...

Major congrats to you on your 3 year anniversary, webfoot! I am hoping my order of PZkut gets here today because after carving over the weekend I am not totally out---THEN I saw your picture and like Ryan, I heard myself gasp over the possibilities!! You always offer exceptional customer service that is hard to find these days! Here's to 3 more years --- PLUS! ~TT

Teresa said...

Wow. I mean, wow, look at all those supplies. And so organized, too. Now I have a sudden urge to carve a stamp.

ipsquibibble said...

I propose a toast to our webfooted wunderkind, our puffin of pz, our celebrated star of stampeaz!

May she grow and thrive in her stamply quartermaster general role, and may her business grow and thrive along with her!


Poodle Dudes

Safari Man said...

I certainly appreciate your service, to include your over the weekend service you provided this past W.E. And I am already into it as of yesterday. Thanks again!!!

shiloh said...

Three years....that's great! May you have as many more as you can tolerate. :)

BTW,you are disgustingly organized,and I mean that in a good way.

Anonymous said...

Wow, looking at the picture of carver's heaven is so satisfying. Happy anniversary. Your service is great.


Webfoot said...

Thank you all for helping me celebrate my third anniversary with Stampeaz. It's wonderful to have such good friends. :)