Thursday, October 6, 2016

South until Spring

On a recent rainy day, I spent some time hidden away with my camera to try and capture a few pictures of the last hummingbirds of the season. 

This female would perch in the hydrangea and swoop in to drink a little 'hummer sauce'. 

Then, alighting on the wire that holds the feeder, guard the precious food source from all interlopers. 

If she got chased off, she would simply hide in the hydrangea until the coast was clear again and return to her vigil.

She didn't even bother to take shelter when it started pouring. 

She just hunkered down and defended her territory (you can see the streaks from the raindrops in the background).

There were four feeders in different parts of the yard, but it never seems to matter - they like to fight over them, anyway. (Note the male marauder coming in from the left to threaten the stronghold.)

They've all flown south until the spring migration begins again. I'll miss the chattering and jousting matches (I think they look like tiny airborne jousters with their long, lance-like beaks!) and their aerial acrobatics - they have such expressive tails that fan out and seem to reflect their feisty moods as well as guide their flight. See you guys in when you return in the spring!


Shooz said...

Awww nice photos! I am so enjoying these posts!!

Webfoot said...

Thank you, Shooz! I'm always delighted when someone lets me know that they like the posts! :)

Reggicat said...

Awesome shots! I love hummingbirds too.

MichKathy said...

You are so lucky. I thought we had hummingbirds at our flower pots but it turned out to be some type of moth. :-(