Sunday, July 31, 2016

Another Time Lapse Event

Right about the time I fell into a black hole of posting, the cherry trees were in full bloom and absolutely magnificent.  

Whether viewed up close or as part of one of the peninsula's lovely vistas, the orchards were quite something to behold. 

Amazing, yes? 

So, now we have the fruits from all those beautiful blossoms weighing down the trees.

I'm almost inspired to make a cherry pie in spite of the hot weather - I just can't quite make myself turn the oven on in the heat, though. 


MichKathy said...

If you don't want to turn on your oven, go purchase a slice of pie at GT Pie Co. My favorite is ABC Crumb but they have many yummy flavors. I'm curious about their newest flavor (cherry with Vernors); please let me know if you try that one.

Webfoot said...

They do make a pretty good pie - especially if it's too hot to make one at home. A friend gave me a slice of ABC and it was a treat. As for their new flavor, I love peach with ginger, so I imagine that cherry and ginger ale would be good, too. :)