Saturday, January 30, 2016

World Chicken Day

Today, we commemorate the day back in 2008 when my brother rescued a poor chicken from a snowbank where she was stuck and half frozen.  He tucked her under his coat and brought her home where he and his wife nursed her back to health and adopted her as part of the family.  That lucky chicken lived happily until last winter, when she trotted across the rainbow bridge to join Kizzie, the cocker spaniel she kept firmly in her place in the pecking order.  


She loved hugs and kisses.  And lap-sitting.  She enjoyed hanging around with her human (and, dominated the canine) flock.  

So, today we remember the sweet lucky chicken and celebrate her delightful little personality. 

We love our critters, don't we?  They take up residence in our hearts and give us a lot of joy.  


Okie Dog said...

So enjoyed your blog notes and pics of the chicken, sad day when she passed. Miss her and thanks for posting all of those. Now you need a baby skunk! heh heh....hope you are well and happy. OD

Hosmer's said...

She was a beautiful bird and sounds like she had a wonderful personality too.

Anonymous said...

loved the whole chicken saga of stories......thanks for the memories of her today :)