Friday, February 17, 2012

A Sigh of Relief and a Small Celebration!

We can always find reasons to celebrate, right? It's a beautiful, sunny day. Someone got invoice #8888 yesterday (pay attention if it was you!), it's almost the weekend and I survived a buzz saw of a week at work, complete with an application server hardware failure during a major survey administration. Oh, and I'm meeting a friend for a bowl of lentil soup at lunch.

Also, this little guy perched in my back yard was just too cute and made me smile.

If you're looking for something rare and much-coveted, there's an opportunity for you to go find it and celebrate with me - sort of hidden in plain sight over at Really.

On top of that, I just discovered while writing this that it's "Random Acts of Kindness Day". I'll have to see what kind of random celebratory madness I can think of. I simply can't pass that one up - it's definitely worth celebrating!! :)


Okie Dog said...

Hidden in plain sight, huh? not from my vantage point, lol....oh where, oh, where, can you be for me, oh, where, oh, where, can you be? Guess I'm just blind, but I am not going through every single new product again like last time, lmbo...thanks, hope some lucky person gets it.....sniff, sniff...thanks.

Webfoot said...

Yep, plain sight. Just where you would expect to find it. Someone else snapped this one up, but keep your eyes open for parties..... :)

Aiphid said...

I figured that it had to have already been snagged. I looked all over the site. Maybe next time.

Anonymous said...

Well, I missed the #8888 by 7 (my last order was #8881). But I was determined to find the "in plain sight" special that you mentioned. I looked & looked, about to give up, when I was struck by something you said in the clue. Yippeeee! Thank you Webfoot for posting this special deal. I had fun figuring it out. I can't wait for my package to arrive. And of course, anytime I visit your site I always find something new to add to my order. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Oops, in my excitement I forgot to mention my trail name. Again, I want to thank you, Webfoot.


Webfoot said...

I'm so glad you had fun hunting for your prize! That's the whole point of a celebration, after all -- fun!! :)

And thanks for posting the comment so people know who won -- and that there really was a prize at the end of the effort!! LOL!

Unknown said...

How clever to have a clue to a prize! Great marketing tool to letterboxers! LOL! Good for you, Sahalie!

The Wolf Family

Okie Dog said...

Surely you didn't end up using a buzz saw to cut the pz, oops, oz with? If only it were pz, hope you reveal that it is very, very, close, or IT! soon, lol
Congrats to Sahalie!

Anonymous said...

Dang it...I got invoice 8885! I'll definitely be watching this website closer and more frequently!
-Morris Five