Monday, April 21, 2008

Technical Difficulties...

Yes, that's me crying in frustration through the computer! As you have probably noticed, Stampeaz has been suffering from technical difficulties. The service provider that has been hosting the site has had a major meltdown and has been down for days. I can't get to my files to move them, so I have to rebuild them. To top that off, apparently he has brought up the public part of the site so that people can order things, but I can't see what they've ordered! I can't get to my Stampeaz e-mail and I have been unable to reach anyone on the support team. So, I am in the process of rebuilding and moving the site to a shiny, new location and I hope that it will all be up and running again within a few days.

I apologize for the inconvenience! I know it's frustrating -- it certainly is for me (hence the cries wafting through the ethers)! And I hope you will all bear with me as I get this sorted out.


shiloh said...

Did you carve that picture as a stamp? =8)

Webfoot said...

Hi, Shiloh!
Yes -- that is a carving I did a few years ago. Somehow, I thought it would be appropriate, since I feel like I'm caught in a cyber-vortex where I keep running into the message telling me about the thing that needs to be done before the thing that I want to do can be accomplished. And then the thing I need to do before that... If you hear any cries of agony, that's me howling through cyberspace! Actually, progress is being made. It's just very slow and somewhat painful! ;-)

six stars said...

I can afford to be patient with you as I have plenty of PZ cut! If not, I might be having withdrawals along with everyone else! I love that stamp. Sure would make a great LTC or invoice images!
thanks for what you do-
six stars

Susan Zeng said...

That will be a cool invoice stamp for next month!

I will be patient. I am pretty sure everything will be fine.
Hope you take a deep breath and relax.

Three Headed Dragon