Friday, January 25, 2008

The Studio / Packing Room

You saw "The Lego Project" out in the garage in the previous blog installment. This is the studio/packing room that my sister helped me reorganize and reclaim while she was here. My day job schedule and the holiday hustle and bustle had caused a disaster area here and it not only got cleaned up, it got a complete make-over! My sister is wonderful!!

We moved the packing table along with lots of supplies and the PZ Kut prep cart, went flea market shopping and found new storage systems (some with great folk art paintings on them!).
We also moved a huge shelving unit that was a ratted mess and I had to go through everything and organize it (or throw it away!). I now have a much more open and pleasant work area to stamp invoices, pack orders and even stamp into the occasional PLB!! On the table, there are stamped invoices ready and waiting to be taken to the storage area and have me pull the items people want from inventory.

Of particular note, of course, is the AQ calendar on the wall in the upper right-hand corner of the photo. :)


Kay/The Little Foxes said...

Everything looks so great - can I come over and play???
And it's really cool to see the same calendar photo on your wall - that's on my wall ;-)) My space isn't as neat though..... does your sister want to visit NC?? ;-))

Webfoot said...

Well, of course! Come on over! :) Now that there's more than one square foot to work on, we'd have enough space for ink, paper and PZ nerdles to fly! LOL! I told my sister that you wanted her to come visit. You never know -- it's warmer in NC!

six stars said...

I would like to ditto the comment left by Kay of the Little Foxes and say that I, too, would like a visit from the organizational genius, pretty please!