Thursday, November 1, 2007

Webfoot Launches a Blog!

Now, this is an amazing thing -- a brilliant notion suggested by none other than the great Green Tortuga, himself. A place to let folks know when something new and wonderful has landed at Stampeaz, or share tips and tricks. It really is a grand idea -- I just need to learn how to use this little tool, so here's my test post. :)


Ryan said...

Woo-who! I love it when a plan comes together. ;o)

gollygee said...

Welcome to the blogging world, Webfoot!!! I look forward to reading your future posts! :)

jackbear said...

love that header...awesome..


Webfoot said...

Thanks,you guys! I'm off on a whole new adventure and pondering useful or interesting (or appropriately goofy) subjects for future posts!

Glad you like the header, Jackbear. I had fun playing with the possibilities. :)

Mama Cache said...

Beaten to the punch by jackbear . . . I have never wanted to hug a bird before, but that little puffin is so, so cute. You are a clever one!

You ought to post an answer to that question that I know you get asked a million times . . . on how to condition a stamp carved on PZCut. Go for it!

Mama Cache

shiloh said...

I started a blog a couple of months ago but I never said anything about it. I really didn't think anyone wanted to read about my rants.=:) I'll be checking this one out though.

lockwench said...

Woo hoooooo! Good for you, WB!
I will be a regular reader!

LW Phd *huge stampeaz fan*
"Nice Counts"

~zess~ said...

And a beautiful blog, indeed! You did do an exceptional job with your header. Marvelous in every way!

I look forward to carving tips! I'm afraid, though, to hear about new products...I already have enough trouble saying "no" to all the cool & fun-lookin' carving/stamping things.

Thanks for blogging--it'll be fun to read your brain dumps :-)


Susan Zeng said...

Congradulations on openning the blog. Nice header indeed!
Three headed dragon

Wooohoo Crew said...

I like your header too.